While on the Colorado Plateau, Moab was one of my favorite spots to shoot. The cloud cover was perfect for creating beautiful images. While walking out of one of the canyons at sunset I was able to capture the amazing light on the mountain range with the small cabin at its base. This one the… Continue reading Moab

Weaving in Colorado

Weaving in the mountains of Colorado was incredible. I made two journeys there. The first time I wove on a walking loom and created a tapestry that had three-dimensional qualities. My second journey involved working on a Mirrix loom, which was a totally different concept. On this loom I worked with my Zapotec instructors from… Continue reading Weaving in Colorado


During the last two years I have been on a weaving journey. My use of looms vary from a 4-harness counter-balance to an 8-harness jack loom for traditional weaving. For these looms I built two weaving benches. I use a hand built walking loom from Oaxaca, Mexico for rugs using a technique learned in Teotitlan,… Continue reading Weaving